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For over 15 years, Horner Music has been providing the Advertising, Film, Television, and New Media industries with exceptional, award winning original music. We understand that a brilliant creation begins and ends with the effective communication of an idea. Creating great music is a blast, but our real passion is insuring that our work integrates seamlessly with all elements of a production. We've created original music and sound design for: Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, The FX Network, Firefox, Intel, International Paper, Kohler, Activision, Nokia, Purina Mills, ConAgra, FirstCom, Beatnik, Minnkota, TruTemper, Leupold, and many others. Our music can be heard on Martha Stewart Living, The Travel Channel, America's Most Wanted, Queens Supreme, Access Hollywood, Hollywood Extra, Ricki Lake, Girls Behaving Badly, and many National and Regional TV and Radio ads.

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