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Stephen J. Maas is an accomplished writer, videographer, designer, musician and businessman with experience in a wide range of disciplines and entrepreneurial endeavors. His recent short, "It's Fresh!" was honored at the 2013 Vermont International Film Festival with the Footage Farm USA award, "given to a Vermont filmmaker who, through film, strives to raise questions about the world we live in." He has written three feature-length screenplays, including the award-winning Tin Can (“Most Artistic Film” at the 2011 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival). He has produced independent feature films, as well as directing, editing & producing multiple short length documentary, promotional and commercial video projects. Recent work includes project docs for Green Mountain Power, AllEarth Renewables and the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board. He designs and maintains websites for Vermont organizations, including the Wooden Horse Arts Guild and Birds in Wood. Clients have included the Haskell Library and the Up-East Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Stephen strives to create and collaborate on projects that expand his creative abilities and perspectives while fostering and promoting the arts within his home state of Vermont.

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  1. DeadFi commented on It's Fresh!
    Very well done and hilarious!