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Steven Gute has been active creating films and music since he was 12. He graduated from Chapman University's School of Film and Television in 2005 with a BFA in writing and directing and has been active in nearly every facet of the film industry. Steven has worked on over 500 TV broadcasts, shot and edited several documentaries (including Leonardo DiCaprio's The 11th Hour), and works freelance all over the USA and Europe. Company credits include Warner Bros, MTV, Tree Media Group, Muse Films, Entrevation Productions, Time Warner, Shadowland Films, Charter Communications, Goal Productions, Blue Silver Video, and Low End Theory.

Steven has directed feature films (Project Los Angeles, College Bound), TV series (The House, Psychosis 101), music videos (Blank Blue, Greater California, Marilyn Jurman, Connectors, Veritas, The Verm), music documentaries (California Guitar Trio, Blank Blue), and dozens of short films. He also is a musician/record producer with several albums under his belt. He plays/ed in the bands: Dark Horse, Creature of Habit, Paperclip, Professor Falken, Folkstep, Invisible Theater, The SOS Guitar Duo, and Cellar Door. He hopes create as much film, photography, and music as he can without losing his mind.

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