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I’d like to think that with every new project, my experience and skills become just that more developed, and the more time and effort I put into expanding my skills and knowledge in my craft, the more successful I will be. As an amateur film maker, I aspire to make the best films that I can, staying true to my passion.

My name is Steven Hayes, and I’m an amateur, independant film maker based out of Alberta, Canada. I’ve been making films since 2006, and have always had a passion for technology since I was a child. Film making has developed into becoming my main focus and my career path; there’s nothing I enjoy more than the process of creating a video, from the planning and pre-production, to getting out there and shooting footage, and then bringing it into the editing room and crafting it into the best representation of my idea as possible. Recently, I’ve taken an interest to Photography, and I find that while so many aspects of Photography are shared with film, it’s a totally different experience and approach, and something I equally enjoy. If you’d like to contact me about my services or production opportunities, I am always open and willing to take on new projects. I can be contacted from the above “Contact” page if you wish to get in touch with me or have any inquiries.

My main interests have always involved technology, including building computers, graphics design, 3D modeling, and installation of electronics such as home theatre systems. I pride myself on my hard work and flexibility, and will never say something is complete until I am 100% satisfied that it’s as good as I can make it. I’m currently enrolled in the University of Lethbridge’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media program, and plan to attend Vancouver Film School’s Film Production program afterwards.

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