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I spend my days working as a 3D Character Animator for Dreamworks, in Los Angeles CA. In my free time, I dabble in writing, live action film making and editing.

Within the last couple years I began collaborating with my co workers, filming silly and campy live action stuff. Nothing too serious. We just have fun and most important, reset the fulcrum of sitting and animating all day long.

In addition to working with Bob Davies and Funk Bunker, directing their epic dynasty of 1970 trailers called Lethal Vengeance, I have collaborated with David Stodolny and co-directed two work related pieces, which he has posted on his youtube channel.
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Most recently, I wrote a short comedy/horror film inspired by the "little" creature movies, such as Critters, Gremlins and Ghoulies that I grew up loving in the 80's. To stay true to this genre, I began learning to make a practical silicone puppet to use in this film. My progress.... ever slow, can be followed on my blog here if you are very bored at work someday:

Thanks for having a look at my work both animation and live action! Any comments are much appreciated!

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