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In the wonderful world of web profiles this is the place I put some of my in-car motor racing footage.

In 2010 I'm racing my 1991 PRB S2 prepared by Mayan and the team at Midas Bankstown. It has a great stroker 4AGE motor built by Speedracer Sportscars (1950cc) with build preparation by LW Parry Engineering and cams from Kelford Cams.

I'm in the PRB Series A Class division

My car weighs about 530kg soaking wet, has a power to weight ratio around 435bhp/tonne and does 0-100kmh in about three seconds with slicks.

My racing is generously supported by my patient wife Lisa, enthusiastic kids as well as the technical prowess of Mayan and Midas, Speedracer, LW Parry, the entire pitlane of PRBers and the logistical generosity of One Of A Kind Media Group, PRB Australia, and Simply Sportscars!

Thanks to the whole PRB racing mob.


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