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I suppose what you should know about me is I am a little crazy, I tend to stay up late and would rather destroy myself then let the creativity lose its edge. Still, I believe I am a good person, probably not the best but I always try to do what's right and I think that's what counts. More then anything I like working with my Business partner Ross Castle May I suppose its because he gets me out of my shell and engages me with gratifying work.

I am trying to create my own way in this world, something to be remembered for or some kind of statement that my existence benefited the industry I love. I enjoy throwing ideas around and figuring out solutions to creative problems. I love drawing, I love Dark themes particularly Dark characters - even though they are a bit overused in media of today.

I suppose if I hope for anything its that we get ourselves out of this rut we have been in since 9/11 creating war type simulations (first person shooter games). The big companies only pursue the big bucks so its up to the vast indie companies to find the next step. I would love to be involved in realising the next step of our medium...

I love post apocalyptic but they have destroyed it for me by creating replica after replica.

External Links

  • Free Fall Interactive - This is the website for my independent games company. We provide high calibur work for all of your creative needs.
  • Stitch's 37 Blog - My University Blog - shows work that I have created over the course of my 3 year undergraduate degree at UCA Rochester.
  • Polydoodle Pictures - This is my Year 3 Major and Minor project with undergraduate students Chrissie Peters & Sammy Butler. This blog shows the development of "& Son" our animated short.
  • The 365 Day Project - This the website commemorating the third and final year of my undergraduate degree. It is a time capsule but I may continue to use it for other projects.
  • Smoke Stack Studios Blog - This was my Year 2 Collaboration project with undergraduate students Anita Gill & Lydia Caplan. The goal was to create an animated short in a period of 10 weeks.


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