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  1. Scottish Documentary Institute

    Scottish Documentary Institute PRO Edinburgh, Scotland


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    SDI is an internationally recognised documentary research centre at Edinburgh College of Art specialised in documentary training, production and distribution. We run training initiatives such as the annual Bridging the Gap scheme. We organise masterclasses, screenings and workshops and host many…

  2. Carlo D'Alessandro

    Carlo D'Alessandro Plus UK


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    Freelance Cinematographer and Photographer www.carlodalessandro.com www.blipfoto.com/CDAlessandro

  3. Anne Milne

    Anne Milne Plus Edinburgh


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    Nomad, filmmaker, adventurer, curious bystander Anne Milne is a BAFTA award-winning Scottish filmmaker. She is an explorer of both people and places. “I aim to look below the surface of what we see and uncover more, a deeper story, a truer reality.” Her film María's Way…

  4. Johanna Wagner

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