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I made my first video in 2002 after making chapbook zines & going on reading tours with bands for a couple of years. The first screening of that three channel video piece, “speed freaks do bach” occurred at a modern dance & performance salon in Manhattan. Each channel of the 3 channel installation played on the LCD screen of a video camera to articulate the triptych structure that I was still learning how to make on a computer. The following year, the Brooklyn Art Council incorporated the final version of that installation into their “New Brooklyn” show at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Over the next few years, I made some more videos heavily influenced by my fascination with the work of classic avant garde filmmakers like Stan Brakhage, Rudy Burkhardt, and Harry Smith.

These videos screened in a variety of places like the Anthology Film Archive, the Camac d’ Art in Paris, PDX Fest in Portland and the High Energy Constructs gallery in Los Angeles, I relocated to Portland, OR to investigate a long time curiosity with the West Coast.

I went back to school to learn the many facets of film production to fulfill a lifetime curiosity. In 2007, I directed (one with Adam Long) two music videos for my favorite Portland bands, Aweather and Swan Island.

Both have been well received and “Night Owl”, the video for Swan Island was voted “Best Film of the Week” on MTVu. Early this year, I directed a commerical for the Art Institute’s Annual Fashion Show at the Portland Art Museum. Besides airing on ‘actual television’, it was voted ‘Best Commercial’ in the Collegiate Nationals.

Currently, I am in the last stages of pre-production for “Umbrella“, my first short narrative.

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