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Loved by children, trusted by parents, and applauded by educators, StoryCub creates exclusive audio/visual versions of children’s picture books.

The program has been recognized by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (scbwi) for it's innovative approach of connecting authors and publishers with educators and families who live in today's mobile, on-demand environment.

With a global reach, StoryCub is currently being viewed in over 200 countries.

Our Mission:

Early childhood education begins in the home. StoryCub believes there is no better way to get kids excited about reading than through the interaction between a parent and a child.

StoryCub's digital platform, among other things:

◉ Connects publishers and authors with families and educators.
◉ Introduces picture books to children and their parents.
◉ Promotes reading in all formats, including eBooks, book apps, and print books.
◉ Creates e-learning and entertaining media that is produced to high quality standards.
◉ Inspires learning, while having fun.

Note to Parents: READ WITH YOUR KIDS!


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