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Portland, OR

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Since a traumatic brain injury in 2010, I started making comedy films about life with brain injury. Using humor helps open up a dialogue about struggles, triumphs, and oddities of living with brain injury. In 2012, I started branching out to collect stories of others with brain injury through documentary film and a community arts blog. My media arts work is now cross-disability and emphasizes identity, culture, accessibility, and disability justice.
My films all contain Closed or Open Captions, podcasts are transcribed, blog posts are audio recorded, plain language is used whenever possible, and mos uploaded documents are accessible for screen readers.
Background includes performance ethnography, comedy improvisation, mixed abilities performance art, DanceAbility, and bike dancing.

External Links

  • Story Minders - Dedicated to storytelling and media creation by people with brain injuries and disabilities.
  • Who Am I To Stop It - Documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury with a disability arts blog.


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