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Born and raised in the South, New Media Artist Sterling Pickett seeks a new level of conversation surrounding art and technology. Originally focusing on mediums of painting and photography, Pickett turned towards digital media to engage the contemporary questions of an evolving art world. Presenting viewers with hi- tech elements grounded in formal aesthetics, Pickett focuses on placing emphasis on the impending singularity. Pickett explores the residual trail leftover from Futurism, and his creations ground themselves in the absolute moment, while the physical object or the present imagery remain less important than the viewers’ enticed interactions. Exploring the concepts surrounding a simulation within a simulation, Pickett focuses on creating video work and interactive installation hyper- realities, providing a vehicle for viewers to adhere to the familiar, while removing any direct connection or relation to the outside world. Pickett believes it is the responsibility of the artist to understand and analyze his position in time and history; he must be aware of the experience of being viewer, as much as the responsibility of being a creator.

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