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Str8-Lace a.k.a Lance Jackson was born In Tucson AZ, 1984 Raised in the West Coast (California) from 5 years of age living in the Mid West (Chicago) til the age of eight. He resides now, in the Bay Area (Fairfield) California. Therefore, you might guess, his lyrics include a variety of topics, as he flows about everything from street life (prostitution, corruption, family problems in a form of hip hop/hyphy/crunk/rap. Positively converts his own personal belongings, to form of partying and whatever else inspires him.
Starting at the age of 13 (1997) he wrote his first rap, little that he knew that putting that pen down changed his whole lifestyle forever. Consistently working at the age of 16 he went to his first real Recording Studio, In Vallejo Ca where he signed to a record deal with a small label called Flawless Records and made his first album. Name"Str8-Laced Wid it" in 2000. (Which was a year contract) and only sold 500 units in the trunk. In 2001 he then started his own record company called "Crook-ed Army Records underground "learning from his cousins and former c.e.o. "one thang" of "Flawless Records". Str8-lace branched off more towards his peers and Started a group called Crook-ed army"! "That didn't go to well” selling only 200 units alone around the county of Solano. He and his group broke up after releasing the MIXTAPE "MOST IGNANT LABEL". he went back to the drawing board, to work on his SOLO career of music, and met his high school sweetheart, (Terceira) a.k.a "Kahli" who is now Co owner of Crook-ed Army Ent, and has a lil Str8-lace name "Landen" a.k.a "Yung Land", She hooked him up with her brother in law "Milticket" of Milticket productions in Sacramento ca. Str8-lace still till this day records there and makes mix tapes with Milticket productions.

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