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Streamcolors is a personal unframed artistic form of expression that merge real colors to creative and technological processes. It's goal is to understand better the colors that surround us, creating new solutions for this color and share with everyone trough interactive projects.
Our first project is to create a community based on Streamcolor's new visual solution. Our goal as creative studio is to bring these visual contents in our real life.

To see the Instagram's Virtual Exhibition you can:

- See Streamcolor's Patterns on Vimeo

- Download Instagram for Iphone and Ipad and look for Streamcolors user. You will find the entire Virtual Exhibition followed by 11000 users and reached 110000 likes in only 6 months

- Visit the Virtual Exhibition on the web

- On Behance:

If you have any ideas of collaboration fell free to contact us

@ TWITTER: streamcolors



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