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  1. Hannah Arendt Center

    Hannah Arendt Center PRO Bard College


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    The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College is built around Bard’s Hannah Arendt Library, the personal library of Arendt and her second husband Heinrich Blücher. It is on the foundation of Bard’s unique scholarly resources, its rich personal connection with Hannah…

  2. Dorothea Braemer
  3. LaborBerlin

    LaborBerlin Berlin


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    LaborBerlin e.V is a nonprofit, independent film collective, open to every individual interested in artist-run initiatives and especially in analogue film practice, which embraces a more experimental and D.I.Y., craft approach to film production. The Lab is a meeting point of exchange and engagement…

  4. Medama Productions

    Medama Productions New York


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    Medama Productions, LLC is a New York based film production company. We continue producing narrative films.

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