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I'm a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Film and Video. While in school I focused in cinematography, however, I discovered what I enjoy and excel at most is directing in the narrative, documentary, and experimental forms. In addition to film, I'm deeply passionate about poetry, dance, photography and music among others. I actively work to marry film with various artistic mediums to discover true collaboration. Furthermore, I create art on the foundation of self-discipline and speaking from the soul. Strict Diet is essentially synonymous with Wade Rodgers. It is not only my production company and seal, but encapsulates the aforementioned principles and everything I do.


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  • Strict Diet - A pseudo website and archive of my work
  • Inertia Film - Official Website for my current project; an experimental dance film entitled "Inertia"
  • Follow Me On Twitter - Be the first to receive news and announcements about my projects


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