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My business cards display titles like Video Editor, Colorist, and Motion Graphics artist.

But when you get down to it - I am a story teller, a constant learner, an advocate for great and original work, and a horror movie enthusiast. (if you ever need any good recommendations, just ask.)

My background, while extensive, isn't what one would call traditional. My passion for video editing began early in High School - spending hours on a dial-up connection, downloading any free editing program I could get my hands on in order to edit footage imported from my old Sony HandyCam. Even though each program undoubtedly crashed almost every half hour, I pressed on. After receiving my BFA Degree in Film & Photography, I was able to receive my first full time job as an entry-level Video Editor with a Video Production company. Fast-Forward 4 years later and I was hired as the Senior Video Editor for a large Marketing Agency.

In a nutshell, my passion for creativity and constant learning is accompanied with the thrill of production. I'm not the video editor who just wants to get a project out the door. I'm the video editor who actually wants to edit - compile and splice clips, color correct, animate motion graphics, create text treatment, and deliver the best quality video possible. This is what I love to do.

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