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Evelyn Brito
(Director / Writer /Producer)
Evelyn Brito was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Boston, MA. Her talent is multidimensional
as is her varied career both in front and behind the camera. She got her Associates Degree in Visual Communications from Katherine Gibbs School, and studied Film Production at Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood California. Her film career started as the comedy producer for BOOM TV on channel 23 Boston Neighborhood Network in Boston, Massachusetts for six years. In that time she worked as a stage manager for various events/productions and producing numerous video/film shorts for local directors. She added another dimension to her career by developing a socially conscious short film called “Blues and Green” about a woman
who deals with prostitution. She was featured in the newspaper “El Mundo Boston,” saying that
"with a good script, a digital camera, a solid idea you can make a great film!" Shortly after that,
her short film "Blues in Green" won the jury prizewinner at the New England film festival.

Evelyn Brito added still another dimension to her mostly ‘behind the scenes’ career when she
was then featured on the cover of “La Diva Latina” magazine based in New York. Evelyn Brito
was described as "everything business” as well as "elegantly beautiful". Soon after she appeared
in front of the camera once again on the WHDH Latin show called "Revista Hispana" where she
poked fun at the meaning of "Diva". Along with her producing and director skills, she has
worked in numerous crew positions on various film shoots. One of these positions included
working as Production Manager for a theatrical comedy show “Macho Men and the Women
Who Love Them” at the famous Kodak theater in Los Angeles California. She is
currently preparing for her next step in her career. What she really loves the most is being behind
the scene – producing and directing. ladivalatina.com/evelynbrito


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