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I just want to start out saying that tamma (pronounced tam'ma) is my real name. it means strong one or stubborn depending on how you use it. and if you knew me you would know it describes me to a T. LOL to a T that's funny... ok forget it i guess i am the only one who likes that joke.

Ok enough of the jokes here goes....but before i actually seriously start typing something about myself i want to officially say i hate to type, write, or even speak about myself. so this was really hard to do... Sooooooooooooooooo.....

*cricket* *cricket* *cricket* .... OK i admit it the best i could come up with is....

I am someone who has fallen in love with vimeo. Is it a cheesy cop out? Yes! but at least i attempted to write something about me.......

more to come later.... i think... maybe.. perhaps.. one day... ???


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