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User Bio Bringing Your Story to Life.

At StrongFront, we’re about one thing...we are about bringing your story to life.

What that means to you is from script to screen will create a video production that is tailored to your specific needs. Celebrating our 15th year in business and with over 40 years of combined expertise, we have produced over 500 successful video projects representing over 300 active clients. At we strive to understand your ideas to create an artistic and creative visual product that is professional, reliable, authentic, adaptable and affordable. What we bring to every production is our vast expertise and network to make sure we convey your story in the best possible way. Our reputation prides us in our ability to bring your story to life.

Value Adds:
• Professional and reliable
• Adaptable – Able to contend with unexpected and critical developments
• Quoted/invoiced price is our price
• We truly care about our customer and our track record is our word
• Highly creative and motivated
• On time and on budget
• High quality product with strong Return on Investment (ROI)
• Can help you deliver it to the world via youtube and social media

Notable clients are: Business Development Bank of Canada, Conoco Phillips Canada– Canada’s Largest Oil Company, Health Canada, Manitoba Hydro and the Province of Manitoba.

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