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  1. Elena Suvorova

    Elena Suvorova Plus Kiev, Ukraine


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    I love traveling with my friends in the photo safari. Photo safari conducts professional photographer Stas Moroz. I edit the video with Final Cut Pro X. I would like that the participants of our photo safari have video memories. In addition, we are all divers and underwater photographers, too. So we…

  2. TSO Photography

    TSO Photography oslo, norway


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    Mr. TSO is a passionate landscape photographer and filmmaker from Norway. Follow Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TSOPhotography Follow Twitter: http://twitter.com/TSOPhotography Follow Google+: https://plus.google.com/107543460658107759808 Follow tumblr: http://tsophotography.tumblr.com/ Press/licensing/projects…

  3. Mindrelic

    Mindrelic Plus Rochester, NY


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    getting my timelapse on. www.twitter.com/mindrelic www.facebook.com/Mindrelicphotography

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