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  2. 10:36


    by Student Reporting Labs

    2 Videos

    The SRL team has updated our video tutorial collection with a new series called “LEVEL UP” — aimed at inspiring your students to take their storytelling and camerawork to new heights. Join…

  3. 39:24

    In-camera edit assigments

    by Student Reporting Labs

    0 Videos

    In-camera edit assignments produced at both the 2016 SRL Academy and SRL Boot camp.

  4. 14:41

    SRL meets America's Promise Alliance's 2016 honorees

    by Student Reporting Labs

    7 Videos

    America's Promise Alliance is working to achieve a 90 percent graduation rate by the year 2020. To celebrate the nation's progress and map out the road ahead, celebrities and industry leaders…

  5. 04:02

    SRL reporters cover the United State of Women Summit

    by Student Reporting Labs

    3 Videos

    What would you do if you had the chance to meet the most inspiring women in America? What would you ask? In collaboration with the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and Amy Poehler's Smart…

  6. 08:49

    SRL reporters capture youth angle at 2016 national conventions

    by Student Reporting Labs

    2 Videos

    As the 2016 National Conventions in Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania played prominently on newsfeeds and broadcasts across the country, Student Reporting Labs journalists were there…

  7. 25:17

    SRL Dispatches

    by Student Reporting Labs

    17 Videos

    Student Reporting Labs takes you on a virtual field trip around the country. This semester, student reporters produced local dispatches: video postcards capturing the sights and sounds of their communities.…

  8. 13:01

    SRL Academy 2016

    by Student Reporting Labs

    5 Videos

    The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs has selected 20 fellows to participate in the annual SRL Academy in Washington, D.C. They’ll work alongside public media mentors to produce original digital…

  9. 28:45

    SRL Teacher Boot camp 2016

    by Student Reporting Labs

    8 Videos

    Thirty-five educators converged on the nation’s capital this summer for #SRLBootcamp2016, an annual workshop devoted to storytelling, student engagement and the future of public media. The teachers…

  10. 19:44

    Ask the Alumnus

    by Student Reporting Labs

    10 Videos

    We know how much you miss our SRL alumni. Now every month, SRL team member Anita Wright chats with an alumnus of the program to learn what they are doing post-SRL in the web series "Ask the…

  11. 59:01

    Outside the Box

    by Student Reporting Labs

    32 Videos

    From military combat roles opening to all women, to social media campaigns to diversify the tech industry, to pay equity in Hollywood after the Sony hack, discussions of gender politics have dominated…

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