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“You kill your films several times. Mostly by talking about it. A film is a dream. You kill it writing it down. You kill it with the camera. The film might come to life for a moment or two, when actors breathe life into it, but then it dies again, buried in film cans. Mysteriously, sometimes, in the editing room, a miracle happens when you place one image next to another so that finally when the audience sits in the dark - if you’re lucky, very lucky, and sometimes I’ve been lucky - the dream flickers back to life again... That’s why I’m secretive.”

This quote was taken from a movie that has inspired me from the moment I saw it. The irony of it, it is a film about making films. Making a film is such a delicate yet bold art. It takes courage, creativity and passion, but most importantly it takes confidence. As a child I had everything but confidence. I had not been one who could easily express myself orally due to a bad stutter. So I resorted to writing and visual ways of communicating how I felt. That is how I fell into film. It was a visual medium in which I could create my own world and live it. I found my voice and learned that how I said something was just as important as what I had to say.

Emotions. Just the word alone makes you feel something. Whether it be love, passion, fear, desire. Everyone is always feeling something. It is the idea that emotions propel people’s lives. When we feel, we act. Everyone affects each other. Humans affect humans. It simply comes down to human nature and that is what drives the world we live in. There are no boundaries to human emotion and that is why it is so raw. Like making a film, emotions are so delicate, yet so strong. The reason that I make films is to capture emotion and humanity in its purest state. The characters that I create are real people. They deal with the everyday realities of human nature. The understanding of human emotions on a technical, physical and abstract perspective and using the camera as a way to portray emotions on a visual level.

Human nature can be traced to the start of humanity. It is what has created our history. A storyboard of time that comes down to decisions that were driven by emotion. There is a story in every moment. No matter what the story, the period, or the genre, there is always a moment. That one moment of human reality that transcends the camera. It reaches out to us and sparks the flame in our hearts. Whether it be love, obsession, passion, desire, fear, hate. It all comes from the same place and it is the details behind the emotion that makes it all come to life.

My cinematic language is all about the details. I portray emotion in not only the representation of a face or character but I use visual metaphors to enrich the emotion and put it on an abstract and creative level. The details run deeper than just directing an actor or writing a story, but having a vision that gives an emotion rich detail and symbolism is what I strive to create as an artist. Through collaboration I believe in bringing powerful stories to life that evoke emotion, history and controversy. Attending Columbia College I have been able to broaden my tools and discover my art and myself as an artist. I am always evolving, just like my films, the humanity and emotion behind them changes constantly. So that being said, let’s make a movie.

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