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Studio 5 Production developed from a non-goverment youth organization Studio 5, which exists since year 2009. As a non-profit organization, Studio 5 acts in the field of community work and social activism, through various activities - creative workshops, educational programs, panel discussions, ecology, music and film festivals... While respecting the values of its mother-organization, besides it's commercial engagement, S5 Production also puts a focus on working for the betterment of society, by creating a space for art, experimental and socially engaged film production.


  1. Brandon Li
  2. cinema5D
  3. Johnnie Behiri
  4. SteadXP
  5. Beppe Gallo
  6. Firma creative
  7. Una Bojic
  8. Inside The Edit
  9. Alex Kolodyazhni
  10. Robert Anthony
  11. Goran Stankovic
  12. gromilovic
  13. lokal
  14. James Baker
  15. Alden Miranda
  16. Ian Watt
  17. Pavle Vučković
  18. Ryan Booth

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