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Illusion, trompe l’œil and 3D animation are the matrixes where Aira’s imaginary leans.
Since when he was a child, Filippo M. Rotondi started doodling on papers and sheets; once teenager he evolved underground in subways and stations.
The artistic studies introduced him to discipline and classical methodology; his personality has grown with the aim to gather together traditions and technology research. This allows him to naturally shift from “The Gentless” (a typographical project based on free-hand chalk drawings on blackboards – in collaboration with LAU) to the development of creature set up and animation in a physically coherent 3D universe.
He finds inspiration and learning in the mathematical shapes hidden in nature; the harmony within calculations is more important than any plug-in, that is just an extension of his ideas and expressivity.
The concurrent VJ activity of the last ten years has fluidly ended up in the Mapping design and delivery, the result greater than the sum of its skills: architecture, design, VJing, direction, motion graphics, and 3D .
He defines himself positive and daring, able to give enthusiasm in each situation he lives.

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