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Lo studio è un centro altamente specializzato per la diagnosi e cura della CCSVI e delle patologie venose.
Studiamo l'associazione tra l'Insufficienza Venosa Cerebro-Spinale Cronica (CCSVI) e le patologie neurodegenerative (quali per esempio la Sclerosi Mutipla) e ad oggi abbiamo trattato con successo centinaia di casi.

Our clinic is a highly specialized center for diagnosis and treatment of CCSVI and venous diseases.
We study the correlation between CCSVI and neurodegenerative diseases and we have successfully treated hundreds of patients.
We think that Professor Zamboni theory is correct.
Our highly trained staff has been trained in Ferrara (Prof. Zamboni's Courses) and Dr Gargano has finished the first Zamboni's Master in Ferrara (cum laude).
We only use Esaote MyLab Vinco for diagnosis.
We have neurologists, psycologists, physiotherapists and vascular radiologists all with one goal: treat CCSVI in the best way.
Our clinic is located in the center of Naples, and we provide our patients with all the needs from the diagnostic part to the interventional procedure.
An interpreter is always available.

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