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Studio Shobot is an full service photography company with a photo studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our team consists of 5 crew members who came together to be able to provide their clients with high quality photography, film and post-production. We focus on commercial and private studio and location photography and shoot products, people and places.

Our team of professional photographers, cameraman, producers, retouchers, set stylists, make-up artists and designers has years of experience working together. We typically manage the entire photography process and make sure every project is unique and treated with total dedication.

Through hard work, flexibility, humor and a burning desire to get it right, we connect our clients request, matching our creativity to bring you the best result.

Studio Shobot has the goal to make sure that all those special moments last forever. We guaranty professionalism and quality. Our doors are always open. Contact us to discuss your project, your needs, or just final retouch. Studio Shobot welcomes portfolio and story submissions as well.

Having worked with famous magazines, brands and celebrities, Studio Shobot is now expanding to a bigger stage. We are here for you!

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