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Studio Sophisti is an interactive product design studio. We connect digital media and physical objects, by combining skills from industrial, game and interaction design, software and electronics development. We develop the form and technology from prototype to product. Studio Sophisti works for clients, but also on own ideas. The biggest drive is always curiosity, which is why we work exploratively without losing focus on the everyday of end users.

Many of our products and services are in the end about the interaction between people. For example multi-touch tables for multiple users to interact with, an energy awareness meter for OXXIO, an iOS App for or the set communicating lamps Ping which won a Core77 Design Award.

A recent invention and design is GameChanger the multiplayer game board for iPad, winner of the Game of The Year Award 2012 by Creative Toy Award. Our latest product is Verzis a multi-player Game Controller launched at CES 2013!

Since January 2007 we are based in downtown Amsterdam NL were we currently work with a team of 5-6 designers and developers on a variety of projects.

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