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Charles Stankievech is an artist who creates “fieldworks.” His diverse body of work has been shown at such places as the Palais de Toyko (Paris), International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA2010, Germany), Xth Biennale of Architecture (Venice), Eyebeam + ISSUE Project Room (New York), the Musee d’art contemporain Montreal and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. He has curated such unorthodox exhibitions as Magnetic Norths, A Wake For St. Kippenberger’s MetroNet, and the series OVER THE WIRE with Lawrence Weiner, Gary Hill, Iain Baxter&,, Centre for Land Use Interpretation and others. His writings have been included in academic journals, such as Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press) and 306090 (Princeton Architectural Press), artist’s catalogues and translated into several languages. Stankievech holds an MFA in Open Media with a thesis on sound and architecture and a previous philosophy thesis on Slavoj Žižek and Franz Kafka. He is currently touring the solo exhibition Over The Rainbow, Under the Radar, along with upcoming shows for the Sobey Art Prize 2011 at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery and the Quebec Triennial in Montreal (both in the Fall) and Oh, Canada in the Spring at MassMOCA. A founding faculty member of the Yukon School of Visual Arts in Dawson City, Stankievech splits his spacetime between the Yukon and Berlin.

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