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Born in 1978 in Stavanger, Norway. From early on I've always gone for the creative path, and in the age of 12 I began with watercolour and the following year oilpaint. Around the same time I also discovered my parents old Mamiya MSX 500 SLR, and started in the begining to use it for sourcematerials for my paintings. When I reached the age of 15 came my first real encounter with photography as a optional course in middle school.
After middle school I embarked on Art class at high school, and I finished 2 years there. In 1995/96 I also got my oilpaintings exhibited at a local café called Café Tante Molla.
In the fall of 2002 the photography got a new hold of me, and I began to seriously develop my skills behind the camera. From the fall 2003 I started with the "Fotogjengen" at studentcommunity Folken in Stavanger. The main focus here were consertphotography as a part to document the activeties on the house. In 2004 I took over as director of "Fotogjengen", and started with the task of making the group more accessible to members who wish to join, but didn't own a SLR of their own as well a giving everyone in the group the opportunity to use a digital SLR. The plan was also to make it easier to get the pictures published on the web. I worked as the director of the "Fotogjengen" from later part of 2004 until the summer of 2007. In this period it were also held several group-exhibitions by the "Fotogjengen" in Gallery Akvariet at Folken.
After 2007 I took a break from photography until the late winter/early spring of 2010. Since I felt that consertphotography were a dead end, I shifted my focus on outdoor photography, mainly landscapes.

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