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artist driven music for advertisment & media

stylophon is a full service music production company based in los angeles and hamburg that focuses on artist driven music for advertisement, brands and media.

we rely on a team of strong individuals, each one with a remarkable career as an artist, producer or song writer.
you can´t fake the real thing - we believe in our advantage of having long established personal backgounds in the artist side of the music industry which gives us the benefit to be close to what music is all about - the heart and soul of dedicated passionate musicians.

years of experience in both the music and advertising world help us to deliver custom made musical solutions for many purposes: ads, film, games, brands and more. our expertise is the special mission - real & credible music. may it be accoustic folk, energetic electro punk or state of the art classical film music. rather the feel alike than the sound alike.

we don´t like generic. we prefer unique!

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