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Hyderabad, India

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Lead Rigger, Creature TD and Tools Developer

A programmer having experience in Rigging & Tools Development, for over 7 years in Animation & VFX industry. Having strong programming knowledge in Python, Maya Python API, C++ & MEL and currently working as Lead Rigger in Barajoun Entertainment; Dubai.

Worked for other movies like Once upon a warrior (Disney), Robot/Endhiran, MagaDheera, Gaalipata (Kannada), Arundhathi etc.

My expertise in Python Scripting makes me an asset to the team.
The following tools on my website can show my track record:
-> Hyper skinning system (Auto skinning tool for all types of rigs)
-> Auto rigging scripts (Biped, Quadruped, Bird, Insect and Snakes etc.)
-> Pipeline tools (Scripts library, Assets library and Geo cache Scripts)
-> Animation tools (Auto cyclic animation & Path animation for various options)
-> Hyper real facial rigging (tool development in progress)
-> Composting Scripts (BG Depth, Local Footage, Missing Clips, Pass Through, Shot Tracking)
-> Python modules (asNode, eRig, eCtrl, eMath, eSpec, eTest etc)

Developed various other tools like as_HyperSkin, as_SnakeKit, as_EasyRig, as_EasyBird, as_EasyInsect, as_CreateWind, as_SkinTransfer, as_PathAnim, as_AutoAnim, as_EasyCloth, as_RagDoll and as_MultiSnakes etc.

Worked as Product Support Engineer for 9 years in Automotive industry (Caterpillar Machines), impassioned by Scripting & Animation, switched over to Animation Industry. From the start of this career, Every step has been taken carefully to develop various tools with a focus of eliminating most of manual processes from pipeline

To contribute to the growth of the animation & VFX industry success through the efficient use of previous experience and skills.

Able to automate most of the repetitive tasks in the areas like rigging, animation and pipeline. Rigging many characters in less time without loosing the quality to meet production deadlines is possible.

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