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Sublime Dance Company was contemplated in the summer of 2010 by Olsi Gjeci. The company has been active since then, showing work in spaces such as Dixon Place, LaMama Theatre, Hunter College, Triskelion Arts Center, Wings Theatre, Great Room (Brroklyn), Egdewater Hall (Staten Island) etc. SDC has brought together dancers from all over the world, with a shared goal: To explore this deep and pure desire and this unknown magnet-like power in us that constantly draws us closer to movement more than anything else, or more precisely more than any other form of expression; Exploring ourselves as embryos, producers, and accumulators of sensuousness through Movement; Investigating ourselves as originators and as extensions of being through Movement. Exploring ourselves as physiological universes scattered into the core of feeling…above all there should be MOVEMENT!!!
SDC continued to grow during 2011. We have showed work at Dixon Place and Hunter College in the same year. October of the same year found the company starting a new project with new and amazing dancers. The process of creating new works of art AND THE PROCESS OF DISCHARGING ITS creative ENERGY into the world are at the heart of what is keeping SDC alive and excited about exploring new possibilities in the limitless realm of ‘Movement’. We are a company that loves to collaborate with artists from different mediums. Close collaboration in 2011 have involved amazing costume designers such as Kristian Cruz; photographers and filmmakers such as Anjola Toro, Stephanie Vartanian, and Chris Sanchez. The fruits of this collaboration include short amazing films that have been incorporated in the dance work itself ( ‘On The 3 metamorphoses’ ), some brilliant photo shoots that have been not only creative but also helpful in creating a visual image for the company, and also constant & creative documentation of rehearsals through video and photo taking. Sublime’s Artistic Director Olsi Gjeci is working closely on a new short dance film with Chris Sanchez. Sublime is also collaborating with a talented composer and conductor George Tsuris, for an upcoming event in April.
SDC is currently composed of 9 dancers: Erin Hunter, Diana Seabra, Olsi Gjeci, Toshi Nakazawa, Shara Harad, Alessia Della Casa, Charlotte Ghigliazza, Faith Kimberling and Helen Penn; our resident Photographer: Anjola Toro; and our videographers/filmakers: Chris Sanchez, Anjola Toro, and Olsi Gjeci; costume designer: Anjola Toro.

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