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  1. 06:56

    Who Are The Champions? - Stories From The Other Side of the Stadium

    by Submarine Channel

    4 Videos

    More on whoarethechampions.com Who Are The Champions? - How does the World Cup affect the people who work and live in the immediate vicinity of a stadium? The World Cup 2014 has been played.…

  2. 02:36

    De Pont

    by Submarine Channel

    3 Videos

    DE PONT An (interactive) film and narrative game challenge exploring the potentials of 3D game engines FOLLOW US Twitter.com/depontproject facebook.com/pages/De-Pont/434160270096712 Submarine…

  3. 03:44

    Ascent from Akeron

    by Submarine Channel

    2 Videos

    Coming soon!

  4. 56:14

    Bistro in Vitro - World's first lab grown meat restaurant

    by Submarine Channel

    15 Videos

    Bistro In Vitro is a science-fiction documentary about a future restaurant. Bistro In Vitro is food for thought.

 Bistro In Vitro launches May 6th at 5 pm CET, 11 am EDT, 8 am PDT, 1 am AET. Sign…

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  6. 52:45

    Unspeak - Words Are Weapons

    by Submarine Channel

    11 Videos

    Based on British journalist Steven Poole’s intriguing book of the same name, Unspeak is a brand-new interactive documentary by Submarine Channel that looks at how language can smuggle persuasion…

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  8. 53:53

    Sneakers - The Documentary

    by Submarine Channel

    6 Videos

    http://sneakers.submarinechannel.com Sneakers is a 50-minute documentary about the history and social significance of sneakers. The film asks the question how sneakers have evolved from being the…

  9. 04:41:27

    Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

    by Submarine Channel

    52 Videos

    http://www.watchthetitles.com Forget the Film, Watch the Titles is a website that launched in 2006 as the world's first online resource dedicated to title design. Today, the popular website…

  10. 29:24

    Minimovie: Being A Fish In Japan

    by Submarine Channel

    6 Videos

    http://www.minimovies.org/documentaires/view/being_fish Being A Fish in Japan A jaunty trip through the fish markets, tattoo parlors and ancient shrines of Japan via the peculiarities of life,…

  11. 52:49

    Minimovie: Room 2017

    by Submarine Channel

    6 Videos

    http://minimovies.org/documentaires/view/room2017 It's every director's nightmare: to return home without your material. This is exactly what happened to director Rob Smits. At the beginning…

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