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Substance is a 20 year old CJ Major/Graphic Designer & is a compassionate music lover. Many individuals understand that music is a powerful tool Substance agreeing with the masses, he holds strong beliefs that many pollute the music that was formed to express ones views. Substance creates music to force every negative thought that has been forced into your minds. Bringing a positive enhancement to your imagination and your mental capacity.
I am now 20 years old Growing up was like any other child playing games. My life was free of any heavy stress,when i was only 10 tragedy hit home. I remember seeing my father in and out of jail, becuase the decisions he was making. One day after school, knowing my father was going to be home for a while (out of jail and back at home) I went home with feelings that no one can explain. That day we(the family)were suppose to go check my mother in the hospital, she was pregnant with my baby sister- Monique. We were all in our the house getting things ready so that we could leave...when there was a knock on the door it was my father's friend he had not seen in a father stepped out for a few..all I remember hearing was it could not be..not today...not ever...the pain still lies within me ..but GOD is keeping it all mother ran to the front of our was my father he had been shot...while he lay there on the floor losing his mother and aunts stood praying to GOD that he would spare his father never knew GOD on the way to the father was pronounced dead...that night my sister was born..she never got to meet her father..
Although pain remains I am at ease.
I am seeking greater depth in my music abilities.
I am understanding.
I am passionate for this thing we call hip-hop.
I am substance.
I speak with pain ,happiness & truth.
substanceMUSIC:my life in the form of melodies
substanceThinking: my life in the words of encouragement& truth
substanceShots: my life through a

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