Cory Thomas

Born and raised in TN

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- Addicted to Film & Photography
- New and unique things interest me
- Indie and acoustic music is mind blowing
- Driving myself into becoming a film editor someday, also possibly a director of some independent projects
- I like being told what I did wrong rather than what I did right so I can grow as a filmmaker and a person
- My initials spell "CAT"
- I'm writing too much and you will probably never read this far unless you are creeping on me...
...... Hah but anyways, if you are interested in starting a video project then just send me a message on here. Going to try to step it up this Summer and start getting serious about film-making.

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  1. It's been happening to me when I add in music. This shift the out point to the end of the song, regardless of the footage.
  2. Hi! I just bought a new Mac and a new FCP 7 and I have the same problem! If I export a 3 min clip, file comes out to be 8 min long, the 3 min footage+ 5min of black! BUT this ONLY happens if I export in HDV- 1080i50. IF I export in current settings…