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Timo is a highly creative and versatile composer. Over the last 18 years he has written scores for an array of tv documentaries that have been broadcast across the globe, had tracks used in the CSI:NY series, written music for Hollywood film trailers and composed music for a plethora of world class companies including Sega, Universal, CBS, BBC, National Geographic, MTV, Coca Cola, Sony, Nokia, and Dolby.

His thoughtful and evocative documentary scores provide an epic sense of drama and tension to the diverse subject matter. Recent projects include BBC/Sega Orbi, Miracles Of Nature (BBC), Survive The Tribe (NatGeo), River Monsters (NatGeo/ITV), Stan Lee's Superhumans (History), Secrets Of Wild India (NatGeo) and several series of Nature Shock (5/NatGeo).

A multi-faceted musician - guitarist, bassist, singer and keyboard player - Timo has been writing and performing for 25 years. He was first signed to Blind Recordings/BMG with techno-rock band Crazy Gods and is currently working on a new album for beat-based project, T Minus 50.

In 2010, Timo was brought in to the stable of recording artists and composers (including Liam Howlett of The Prodigy and DJ Shadow) of LA-based film music agents, Pusher Music, where he has become one of their “go to” composers, having been asked to pitch for a number of Hollywood film trailers including Man Of Steel, The Hobbit, Avengers Assemble, The Fighter, Inception and Contagion.

This resulted in several tracks have been sync'd on trailers including: The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon & Emily Blunt), Man On A Ledge (Sam Worthington), quirky alien comedy, Paul (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost) and Mud (Matthew McConaughey & Reese Witherspoon).

For further info and examples of Timo's work visit: subvertical.co.uk

subvertical.co.uk | +44 7949 553 773 | timo@subvertical.co.uk

LA film music agents: Jason Alexander & Rudy Chung at Pusher Music, Los Angeles, USA +1 323 663 1057

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