Nenad Arsenijevic

Belgrade, Serbia

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Born in Serbia in 1982, after becoming engineer of audio and video technologies, Nenad started his career as an editor and After Effects artist. During next two years he successfully became a director. He made several music videos, few corporate videos and one documentary film. After that, he finally made his short fiction film ELYSIUM which took him on two international film festivals, in Italy and in Greece. Later on, he was project basis director in How Cast agency from New York, making corporate viral videos. He spent last two years in Dubai and Lagos, as creative director and post production artist. He is currently based in Belgrade as a freelance filmmaker. He is preparing now together with his partner a first feature film which is on English language and for which they wrote a screenplay.

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  1. bravo Vid, stvarno sjajno! jel pokazujes to negde sem na vimeo? odakle crtezi - nauceni ili bi mogao i neke nove oblike da izmisljas? pozdrav