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Saving Us From Destruction was formed in October of 2010, as a site specific dance club concerned with spontaneous democratic group choreography. SUFD, a dance club in the broadest sense, has key original reoccurring members, but anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate. This creates an unknown number of members at any given dance. With over 60 performances to date, Saving Us From Destruction believes that movement is dance, movement engages us with each other, and with our environment. Each participant creates a movement, on the spot building off of another participants movement or other present influence. It is necessary for each member to teach their movement to the other members which will ultimately create the choreography.


  1. Nicole Rademacher
  2. Jan Nagle
  3. Ali Miharbi
  4. Hassan Pitts
  5. Matthew Underwood
  6. Timothy Scaffidi
  7. Shasti O'Leary Soudant
  8. katrina boemig
  9. Cayden Mak
  10. Cristina Pavesi
  11. andrea vincenzi
  12. GemLynch