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Sugar Farm Productions is a Maryland-based multimedia production company that specializes in design, production, writing, and marketing. Owned and managed by Alison Harbaugh, who also serves as producer, lead photographer, and lead filmmaker, the company has strong roots in Annapolis’s thriving arts and music community. Drawing from that talent pool, Sugar Farm assembles a custom team with media experts—designers, photographers, filmmakers, and editors—that best suit you and your vision.

How We Work
We believe that connecting with clients on a personal level is essential. We are here to tell your story so that we can get to the heart of your work.

Sugar Farm Productions values personal interaction as key to the creative process and works closely with each client on every project. At the beginning, we meet to listen and understand personal and corporate visions and multimedia needs. Next, we discuss and analyze the target market and how the final products will be used and accessed. We then brainstorm together, building the personality and story line that will drive the project.

We are known for being friendly, flexible, open, innovative, and fun to work with, and for creating an environment that spawns creativity. When you have the right artistic team for your project, your story will have a true, unique character and stand out above other products.

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