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Lyricist and songwriter Sugur Shane born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia started making his dreams a reality at the age of 7. With love for both house music and hip hop; influences were artists such as Gillette, Notorious B.I.G., Joe Budden, Lula, Alan T, and many others. In 2005, Shane began bringing his music to the dancefloors with his version of Club 69’s “Drama”. With the help of DJ Se7en & DJ Teke the track gained club play in the Tri-State area and traveled down to the south as well. Great feedback urged him to release some original work for house music and hip hop.
In 2011, Sugur Shane continues to deliver with his latest release Forbidden Fruit produced by Eric Tenalio on Sub Scooping Music. The track is already receiving rave reviews by producers Danny Tenaglia, D-Formation, Craig Mitchell, and more. Adding to the house music, Shane prepares his first debut mixtape Alter Ego. A highly anticipated delayed project for the out hip hop scene hitting the streets late summer of 2011. He is looking forward to performing around the world and is hoping to record with other artists, especially the ones that have influenced him the most. "I would love to make an impression on all the artists that have made an impression on me.”

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