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São Paulo, Brasil

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Founded by two photographers with different and hybrid experiences, Sumaca does photographic productions and audiovisual projects, researching issues, developing narratives, and producing with their partners, in a flexible and adaptable structure according to the demands of each project.


  1. Erick Proost
  2. Guigo Foggiatto
  3. Agustin Mica
  4. Color Grading Central
  5. Raphael Erichsen
  7. Return Project
  8. Matt Kleiner
  9. Sherwood Studio
  10. Pedro Mahfuz
  11. Edu Yatri Ioschpe
  12. Dhyan Shanasa
  13. Stephen Nangeroni
  14. Waves For Water
  15. Russell Houghten
  16. Oli Alexander
  17. Cy Kuckenbaker
  18. Morgan Maassen

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