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SUMER is a small story, within a much larger one. A world into darkness and nihilism, where the curiosity of a child may be the leading path to a new change.

SUMER is not just a short film, It's a test that aims to provoke this restless spirit we tame over the years. A project that has grown spontaneously, and has become a team of excited people connected with the story.
Directed by Alvaro García, a young VFX artist and Sci-fi passionate, this project has become a commitment shared by a group of professionals from different backgrounds and areas within digital creation.
In its basic philosophy we perceive an intense struggle for pushing the limits, both creative and technological.
We are aware that in most CGI proposals the main focus of attention is often located almost exclusively on the visual quality and technological sophistication.
But in SUMER we work managing a tense dynamic balance between the more technical difficulties of each shot, (as including sweating, scattering and hair at the same time) and the emotional content and meaning into the image as part of the story.

Welcome to SUMER.


  1. Jason Sondhi
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