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Sundstedt Animation | is an animation studio founded by Anders Sundstedt, focusing on 2D and 2.5D animation. We create short custom made animated films including: explanation videos, landing page videos, how-to videos, motion graphics videos, marketing videos, music videos that are animated and business animation videos:

We love directing, designing and animating different, special and always custom made videos.

Custom animated videos, animated marketing videos, explainers, video marketing production, whiteboard videos, videoscribes and web videos.

We provide free consultation and pricing on our website:

We are available for animation projects such as motion graphics, both directing, illustration and animating.

We are looking to provide freelance, collaborate and full time work with creative individuals, companies and agencies, both locally in the UK and internationally. So please give us a shout.

To discuss a project, freelance availability or other collaborations please get in touch: or call us +44 7531 800 711

Social Media Links and other ways to contact Sundstedt Animation:
Sundstedt Animation

All videos created by and copyright © 2016 Sundstedt® Animation.

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