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I like to be in nature, watch animals and insects. I hope to be able to create some videos, I was given a little digital video camera. I live in a big city, I don't have a car, I can't walk much, so I don't know, realistically, how I will create the videos that would interest me. But, I will think on it.

I joined mostly to enjoy the videos I will find here. I found the site from a link to a time lapse video of the monsoon season in Arizona. Amazing clouds!

I am a RN with a BSN. I have become disabled and am now on disability income. I miss my career. But I have 3 kids, 23 yo and 18 yo sons and 10 yo daughter. I enjoy seeing them grow up and develop. My 18yo is pretty interesting right now as he is just out of high school and applying for jobs and planning to attend community college in the fall. What an exciting time in his life!


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