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We care about you and your spiritual journey.

Sunset Presbyterian Church is a community of people, connected to each other and committed to loving our world through faith in Jesus Christ, who are experiencing the life-changing power of that faith, who are expressing Christ’s love through serving, and who are actively reproducing these values through mentoring and investing in others.

Core Values:
Connect – We recognize that relationships play a significant role in our spiritual journeys; therefore we place a high value on community. We desire that all people live in an authentic faith community that fosters a vibrant and deepening relationship with God.

Experience - We recognize the role of the Holy Spirit in each person’s spiritual journey; therefore we want all to experience the transformative power of God. We seek to create an atmosphere where the character of Christ is being formed in each person as they develop spiritual practices based in biblical truths.

Serve - We recognize that all people have a unique contribution to give to God’s purposes; therefore we encourage all to serve within their God-given giftedness and calling so that we are intentionally expressing God’s love both within the church and outside the church.

Mentor – We recognize the role of the Church is to go and make disciples; therefore we are committed to training individuals to share their faith stories, be spiritual encouragers of others, and be servant leaders within the context of their giftedness in their circles of influence, local communities and world.

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