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SUPEREGO video productions is a highly competitive video production, film production and post production company based in Cork Munster. We pride ourselves on creating engaging content for our clients no matter how big or small the job. With decades of creative experience and a SUPER high level of technical ability we promise to deliver rich and entertaining video on any platform you require either online, directly embedded on your website, on popular viral sites like vimeo & youtube, or on traditional forms such as DVD, BLURAY, USB, TV or CINEMA.

With a special focus on marketing, fashion and event videography we add a huge amount of creativity to everything we do. We use ultra sharp Cameras to capture truly amazing HD footage, state of the art editing and design software for incredibly detailed output. Our highly trained graphic designer will add that extra edge to our colour grading and video graphics that is unparalleled in the region.

We cater for big productions and small but SUPEREGO video productions is a highly competitive, friendly and highly motivated group of individuals and we will endeavor to make your video making experience a fun and productive time for all involved. We do a lot more for a lot less!

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