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SUPERNOVA is the first major outdoor festival of digital animation and art, initiated by Denver Digerati to be held September 24, 2016. The festival utilizes a robust network Denver Digerati has developed over five years through an ongoing series of “Friday Flash" programs that have brought advances in digital animation and motion art to a network of public LED screens situated in Denver’s downtown core as a new public art viewing experience. The program promotes the dynamic, rapidly advancing impact technology is having in art throughout the world today in an exciting and radically innovative context. Supernova is the future of public art.

SUPERNOVA is currently accepting submissions for the inaugural festival via Film Freeway. Early entry deadline is June 30, and the final call for submissions will close August 15th. Enter your work now for our competition screening presented simultaneously on two LED Screens and a third temporary screen located within the Denver Performing Arts Center open-air atrium. Cash prize awards will be selected by our three distinguished guest jurors Claudia Maté, Jonathan Monaghan and Morehshin Allahyari, chosen for their prestige within digital media on an international level.

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