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I was born in the Philippines then moved to Guam, a tiny island in the Marianas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I enlisted in the Marine Corps from there at 17 and spent 4 years in active duty + 6 years as a reservist. I'm a screenwriter background, but more passionate about directing and cinematography. I love to make videos that captures the essence of fun, hard-work, persistence, and natural beauty.


I've always had the talent to write, but hated my English classes. During grade school (6th or 7th grade) my English teacher gave us a project to act out a scripted scene from a movie we liked. Somehow I became in charge of my group and we ended up choosing "Sceam" as our movie. I acted as the producer/director and got all the things we needed. Our acting was not the best, but captured the attention of our teacher and received an A+ for the project.

The next film experience I had was during my freshmen year in high school when we were given a project to produce a scene from an English story we had learned. We chose Beowulf and I was again the producer/director, but also took part in the movie as Grendel. My friend's dad was a VFX magician and helped us produced a decent film.


I love writing and have pursued it for a couple of years, which started during my crazy tour in Iraq. Since then I had won Grand Prize for best dramatic short and Bronze Prize for the same titled script "Blue Blanket" as a feature length at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest. I have written about 20 shorts in the last two years, 10 of them in less than two weeks -- some of which I hope to produce someday.


For a while, nothing was happening with my writing career and after a failed attempt in putting together a team that was to help start out a producing company I envisioned (Black Sea Films), I took matters in to my own hands and decided to contact people I knew. I figured, in order for me to learn, I have to start making mistakes now. START FILMING!

Part of this process involved me selling my MacBook Pro, an Apple 27" LED monitor, other electronics, and begging my mom and brother to give me money in order for me to buy a used 5d Mark II, Canon Rebel t2i, Glidecam HD 2000, Manfrotto tripod and head, and other gear.


I now freelance filming events and weddings, but I continue to create films to expand my knowledge of the art and get better at being a filmmaker.


I aspire to be a great writer/director like Tarantino. He, and among other great directors like Sergio Leone, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Truffaut and Godard, are my inspirations and one day I dream to reach the same stature as they have.

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