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Supershirt - loud, clever, politically aware and equipped with a sometimes brutal humor, that goes straight to the heart, if you have one. To escape cataloguing, they call their musical mix of Indie, HipHop and Electro 'alcopop'. The beats ask you for a dance, the lyrics invite you in for a beer at the bar to talk, and suddenly the bass hits you from behind. Both lyrically and musically, few is meant as it sounds. Supershirt spray hatches and rear doors on every wall – no matter how often irony is declared dead.

Since 2007 the Berlin-based band torches clubs from Hamburg to Vienna with a powerful show, stuffed with enthusiasm, humor, special effects and not least the radiant presence of frontman Faxe System.

The third album 'Kunstwerk' is released on September 30th 2011 via family business Audiolith Records, wich sends the Hanseatic triumvirate on a stellar tour throughout the German-speaking area.

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